New Guard

Chains of Justice Vol. 1 - The Eldritch Incursion

“Hello again, New Journal. I am officially entitling this chapter in you Chains of Justice, because that’s just where my life is right now and I figured you’d be cool with it.

So yeah, things are going unusually well right now, which is kinda freaking me out. Shadow and I are still a thing even though her parents barely let us talk over the summer and even though she still hangs out with that stuffy d-bag Casanova. Even though a couple of my friends from last year transferred to other schools, I’m still getting to hang out with people like Schism and MC and Invisible Amy sometimes and that’s pretty cool. Also apparently there’s a bunch of new alt-kids this year, and GOD let me tell you they are trying super hard about it. One guy’s dad was totally a supervillain and he’s just so full of it over it.

But it’s cool. I can show ‘em how to mellow out eventually. I mean I’m an upperclassman now. Taking charge of the Trenchcoat Mafia’s basically my heroic responsibility. Or whatever.

Also, ever since the Escape Room thing (SO lame), Shadow keeps getting a ton of Love-Ups in Puzzle Attack Swarm: LOVE from one of her Puzzle-Buddies and I’m like 99% sure it’s Casanova and if it is I’m gonna kick his, wait, does faculty still read this stuff? Uh, what’d Deaglan say recently? Arse? That rich d-bag better not be trying to show off to her again.

But whatever. He’s a loser.

I mean, I guess I’m being a bit of a loser, too, because people keep having parties and I keep going. I’m not one of the preps though, okay? Like, I’m not dancing or anything dumb. Just, like, hanging out and talking to cool people. Even if Checkmate KEEPS coming over and making things bright and weird wherever we’re hanging out. I mean he’s okay, but honestly? Dude just needs to calm down.

OH! And I think my chain-control is getting better. Plus I swear my sick Crow jacket is kinda taking on a life of its own now, which is like, OMG. After I got to talk to Twilight Darkness this summer, I’m feeling WAY better about my powers, and best of all, NOBODY who was there at the end of the year last year has talked about what they saw. And they’d BETTER keep it that way.


Oh wow, such angst, such teen pain!

barrelv ArmandoPenblade

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