New Guard

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

“I can’t keep doing this, New Journal. I just can’t keep letting everyone down.

It’s so obvious now. Obvious to everyone. All my friends. The teachers. The Krewe. Even my family saw what a useless freak I am all over the news. Mom keeps texting but I’m not reading them.

I’m just not strong enough to be a hero. It was such a stupid dream, anyway. Dad worked with real heroes, not pathetic losers like me. He wouldn’t have wasted ten seconds on someone like me. Not like he ever did before"

The entry breaks off; the blank page beneath that point is covered in tiny circles of rumpled area, slightly darker than the surroundings.

On the next page, another entry, identically titled, begins.

“Nothing is going right. EVERYTHING is screwed. Shadow is pissed over I don’t even know what, and it’s the scary kind. I keep thinking I see her out of the corner of my eyes in the hallways, but when I look, she’s never there. I think she’s been missing class. I don’t know what’s up with that. She won’t talk to me.

We got beat, bad, last week by the Krewe. I should have gone with Noah. I was useless against those guys. They just. . . they just stomped me. And not even just them. One of their stupid guards knocked me out for ten minutes. I don’t even think it was a lucky shot. I am just that worthless.

So once again, someone else has to come to the rescue. This time it was Warlock. He’s a good dude, even if he’s all goofy for glowsticks. I hear that Lady Hulk helped out, too. Really, everyone did, including MC and Drake Knight aka. Predator. Hell, if it wasn’t for all of them, I’d probably be dead, and thanks to me, their mission got so screwed up and the whole city found out about what we were doing.

I’m all over the news. I’m probably getting expelled any minute now. Maybe this is my last entry in you, New Journal. I bet the school won’t let me keep you, now that Dark Victory added that DNA lock to you. Can’t let that kinda tech out with just some normal useless kid.

I think maybe it’s time to stop lying to myself about what I am. And probably time to stop lying to everyone else, too. They may as well get to know the real me. It’ll be even easier for everyone to laugh at.

Yeah. I think maybe I’ll get everyone together. Everyone who I guess cared. Schism. MC. Spectra. Deaglan. Checkmate. I’ll tell them all the whole thing, and then I’ll be gone and out of their lives forever. They’ll all be better off without—

Crap, I’m getting called to the principal’s office right now. I guess I don’t even get to say goodbye to everyone. This is it. The end."


Genuinely very sad. I hope things go well with the principle!

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

I imagine it’s like every classic misunderstanding comic scene from a teem dramedy ever, where Bobby keeps interpreting Summers’ words to mean he’s totally getting the boot while the audience is in on it and the dramatic irony stretches out for like three minutes and it’s awful oh God why, why would I do this to my character

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

You’ve achevied a level of role-playing greatness when you can say “Why would I put my character through this? This is horrible!”

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

I’ve definitely never used Twilight to work through high school era drama and insecurities. Just like no one in this game has done the same with their characters and their own past selves.

Definitely never.

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

This was epic levels of sadness. I had high school flashbacks and want to go back in time and hug like a couple dozen punk-ass teenagers after reading this

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken

Jesus….i want to hug both you and your character. Come find Reggie. He’ll give Bobby a hug.

Chains of Justice Vol 4. - Broken
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