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Exchanging Names

CASPERNet Transmission #e8C2

ABlake – DDickinson

+++SESSION CREATED 10/29/2017 22:17:01+++

ABlake: Hey, so 2 things. One, it’s good to know I’m not the only one sneaking off campus. It looked like you were having a good time. Two, how did you pull that off with Miss Scorpion?

ABlake: Oh, and this is Aaron. We’ve passed each other in the hall but haven’t talked much otherwise.

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/29/2017 22:32:05+++

+++SESSION RESUMED 10/30/2017 16:40:57+++

DDickinson: dhsjajdbhff

DDickinson: Neat!

DDickinson: Do I

DDickinson: need to download this each time?

ABlake: Right, so this is what Sorrell was talking about. Faculty doesn’t know about it. It’s safe.

DDickinson: Oh. Okay. How is this different from texting? Can they just read anything off my phone normally?

DDickinson: Right. This is technology. Not magic. It works differently. But why would they read things off our phones?

DDickinson: Also, the world wide web isn’t really a web is it? I know it’s off topic, but I keep reading things about it, and I’m not terribly fond of spiders.

ABlake: It’s not terribly different from texting, just safe from the eyes of the faculty. I’m not sure about you but I assume we’re being watched 24/7 on campus. Coach Archer at least knows my face. Mrs. Digan too, but I kinda stepped in that particular pile of my own accord. This app is on your phone now, but it doesn’t work during class time.

ABlake: Just to keep up appearances, we also shouldn’t use this full time. Someone NOT texting all the time is just as suspicious as someone never texting, right?

ABlake: And yep, totally not magic. If you want to make a magic version, I’d help if I could. I’ve done a handful of sendings, but me and my Master normally communicate with obfuscated letters. I can show you that tomorrow after class or something.

ABlake: I don’t think the web is an actual web, but I really don’t know how it works. Better browse safely just to be sure. :)

ABlake: So yeah, headless one, that was one heck of a fight. Was that your first adventure off-campus? Oh! Did you get to pick a codename? Mine’s Warlock.

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/30/2017 16:50:13+++

+++SESSION RESUMED 10/30/2017 16:50:27+++

DDickinson: Balor’s Butt, I lost my reply! Sorry. There are a lot of buttons.

DDickinson: Anyhow, this is good to know, though I suppose I should be more suspicious of the school? When crossing from Avalon to here, I did appear on the campus grounds, which seemed odd. Principal Summers was there as well, waiting for me it seemed? Not that I can complain much, I have a place to stay now!

DDickinson: And yes, it was quite exciting! The purple one was rather dramatic! I didn’t get anything, but the others did. We ended up helping Noah get one of the last prizes, since we inadvertently foiled some of his previous attempts at the puzzels.

DDickinson: Were the others there that started fighting with us always so aggressive? I did appreciate the girl with the funny hat and Miss Scorpion. They have fine taste in choice of arms. She struck Bender though, so I had to say her name.

DDickinson: And I’m still thinking of a code name. Does everyone have one?

ABlake: Anyone who’s serious about breaking curfew had better have a way to hide their identity.

ABlake: Wait, did you say Avalon?

DDickinson: I should not have said that. Yeah. Though I suppose it’s obvious I am not from around here.

ABlake: Can you not go back? I’m asking for research purposes, of course. Dimensional travel is my new pet project.

DDickinson: No? My father showed me the way out. Apparently it’s very difficult to establish one by oneself, but others occur naturally between our worlds. He told me I would either be on some northern isles, or possibly even one of the colonies, which is how we got back originally, or so I was told. I’m still trying to understand your maps. They are much different from the one I have.

ABlake: I can dig it. Dimensional alignment seems to shift on a whim from what I’ve studied of it so far. You REALLY need to know where you want to go. It’s not a discipline for guesswork.

ABlake: So, Avalon. I suppose that’s where your powers come from as well?

DDickinson: I suppose? I think my powers are more a part of who I am. Or rather, what I could be. Perhaps it could be something we discuss in the future?

DDickinson: I have to study for a math test, and I fear I am ill prepared!

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/30/2017 17:12:52+++


nu phone, hu dis?

Exchanging Names

Yes, that’s your phone making that noise. It’s not possessed.

Yep, Vibrating too.

It does, doesn’t it?

You can turn that off, you know.

You can turn THAT off while leaving THAT on, yes.

Hehe, gross.

Exchanging Names
barrelv Jherden

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