New Guard

Something is afoul in Elysian...

...and we put it there.

Most people think magic is all about belief and will; say a few words and wave your hands and it happens. It’s more about equations: measuring the amount of energy that you guide through proven methods to channel it to your desire. The hand-waving and words help with focus. So, I guess it’s more like physics, though the magic I was about to try WAS all about belief and will.

sharp intake of breath “It just works. It just works. It just works.”

Aaron lifts the lid on his MacBook. For the time being, his plea has been heard.

“Hey Dad,

Claremont is pretty awesome. I’m making friends, keeping up with studies, and doing the kind of things you talked about in COLLEGE, while I’m still in high school! Last night, we went over to a rival school and pulled some pranks. You always talk about liability, so I’ll just say that if business takes you near the Elysian Academy, hold your nose. ;)

I see that you and Mom are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to show you around, especially my SOLO ROOM. That’s right, I had a roommate for all of a day before winning my own room. It’s pretty nice…not much bigger than the regular dorm rooms, but there’s only one of me in here, so it feels a lot bigger. I’d send a pic, but now I think I’ve talked it up enough that seeing it in person is the only way to go.

the screen goes momentarily dark before relighting

Anyway, gotta run. See you in 2 weeks!


Send. Close lid. It just worked.Now, to glance over the OTHER correspondence I’m sending today…

“Master Maarten,

I hope this letter finds you well. I continue my studies at the Claremont Academy, which gives me ample reason and free rein to practice my craft. It is this practice that prompts this letter. While my training so far has been grounded, my assignments so far have presented challenges of a more vertical nature. I am well aware of the strictures imposed by the Scholars’ training regimen, and I am also aware that they can be waived in certain situations. I am hereby entering a petition for such a waiver to allow me to practice ahead of my path in the Schools of Passage, specifically apprentice-level flight and levitation. I trust that you will see my petition through to the Council.


Satisfied with the request, I weave the obfuscation spell over the sealed envelope. Anyone intercepting this letter other than Master Maarten will find a lovely advertisement for vinyl siding.

standing, Aaron straigtens his new Windrider Cloak, picks up the letter, and strides for the door


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