The Ned'Ech Hunters

Multi-Dimensional Bounty Hunters


Dazla – The Lady in Charge

Standing just over 6 feet tall with rich bluish skin. Very muscular. Her violet wrist bands crackle with lightning. Constantly on her shoulders is something resembling a drug addicted cat with opposable thumbs.


Guth – The Angry One

Three feet tall and obviously full of spite. This snarling thing resembles a toad with massive arms and thick stumpy legs.


Lumb – The Tall One

Over ten feet tall and resembling a turtle without its shell. The most striking thing is the multifaceted gold eyes that seem to glow faintly.


Lumbi – Lumb’s Assistants

Five foot tall copies, for lack of a better term, of the tall turtle-like one. These however are missing the gold eyes and carrying around strange rifles attached to their back packs by armored wires.

Thraxi Troopers – The Foot Soldiers

With four arms, two legs, with a mix of wolf and bat-like features these men and women are very serious and stern in appearance. Each carry at least one sword and one rifle.



The Ned'Ech Hunters

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