New Guard

Chains of Justice Vol. 2 - Rip Free My Soul

“Okay so, New Journal, stuff is, like, happening.

Remember that party I was telling you about? Okay so sure, it was kinda cool at first—Shadow and I, uh, explored the upstairs a bit, and it was all spooky and stuff, but then stuff got WEIRD.

Everybody’s souls were getting ripped out and there were ghosts and this freaky frickin scarecrow dude (I’m like, super glad that Schism took that thing out right away!) and all sorts of crazy stuff that really seemed like a bad ripoff of the old Mario games. . .

. . . except it was all fake. Just another simulation.

Now, like, I know I talk about how nothing even matters and how we’re all just like, players in a meaningless play of sorrow set upon the stage of an uncaring world and stuff, but like, THIS was super not cool.

So it turns out that Doc Otaku and some of the preps Shadow hangs out with were setting us all up (including my freaking ROOMMATE omg that guy is impossible, but at least Dark Victory set me up with this cool genetically encoded lock for you, New Journal). I couldn’t even believe it. Like, I’ve been playing Dungeons and Delvers with that guy for almost a year now, and he just pulls that kinda stunt?! I thought Shadow was dead! Schism slapped the ever-loving crap out of him, which was like, so awesome.

Except me and Checkmate and Dark Victory eventually worked out that there was some kinda crazy mind control crap going on in that stupid game everyone was playing, Puzzle Attack Swarm: Love. There’s all sorts of weird shell companies and stuff and like, I don’t even know. We’re talking like world’s-end apocalypse levels of lame here, New Journal.

So I’ve got Shadow kinda trying to ask her parents about it, cuz they work at some big tech company in Japan and might know some of the contractors that work on the game, but so far, we haven’t heard anything back about it.

But you know what the WORST part of all this is?

I texted mom to tell her to get Alex to stop playing that stupid game (I keep getting requests from her account asking me to join back up and fill her Love-Ups; like, how can the game even do that after I uninstalled it?) cuz it was messing with people’s heads, and like, TEN MINUTES later, I get this from Devin, her stupid boyfriend:

“Hey there, bud. Thanks for the heads up about that app. I’ve been telling your mom that we should just take these cellphones away from you kids. They’re like, so bad for your chakras. You been keeping up with those stretches I showed you? They’ll really help you loosen up, champ.”


Wait sorry class is starting gotta go."

Judgement Ice Cream
Schism's in a mood

“You can’t pull a stupid jerkface move like that and think some ice cream is going to make up for it! You lied to us! Made us think our friends were dead or in serious danger! You kept us all helpless, lying here, locked us in a stupid virtual cage, and made us perform, for what? Some stupid joke?! AUGH!!”

With an untranscribable sound of disgust, Schism teleported herself away from the “haunted house” tricksters, leaving a very red, hand-shaped mark on Dr. Otaku’s face and chagrined looks on Chump’s, Casanova’s, and Leapfrog’s ones. An awkward silence of a few seconds passed, and then she suddenly popped back into the room, grabbed the ice cream out of Casanova’s hand, and teleported away again.

“At least, that’s what I should’ve done,” Schism muttered to herself, ice cream-less, as she trudged along next to the maybe-but-maybe-not crazy janitor and his bedraggled cat as they made their rounds on the school campus. He was still going on about “ghosts that aren’t ghosts,” which turned out to be a pretty good description of what the students went through tonight, and the cat mournfully wailed at him in response. It maybe wasn’t the best way to calm down after that blow-up, but Schism didn’t want to be calm. She wanted to start some sh*t, get kicked out of school, and start a riot. Maybe burn down a building. She wanted to drop those JERKS into the bay from a mile up. She wanted to scream in her parent’s faces. She wanted to teleport out of her own head. She wanted some damn ice cream.

Thirty seconds later, Schism was sitting on a counter in the deserted and darkened academy kitchen, thoughtfully spooning up mint chocolate chip from the 2-gallon container she liberated from the freezer and going over the night.

Her smartphone buzzed. Reggie and Bobby and new guy Brian are pretty sure the jerkfaces were acting under some outside influence, maybe related to the : Love game they’ve been beta testing in Freedom City. They’re investigating any leads. “I can help with that,” Schism texted back, thinking about her friends and activist contacts in the area. Maybe she could track down Lady Liberty, too…

She wondered what MC was doing in response to this. Probably getting her playlist finally going and not looking directly at Zoe for the rest of the night. She’s pretty good at forgiving and forgetting. Schism sighed. They did just learn about the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing in history class the other day. A strange idea – in her home world everyone knew what they were doing at what time, so there was no confusion about innocence or guilt. If you did something, they knew. “Except for with me,” she thought to herself, smiling…no, grinning. Then she sighed again. Maybe the jerkfaces weren’t entirely to blame. Maybe they were victims of someone else’s control, too. That was super dangerous, though. What if we’d been attacked? What if someone else was watching the screens of the haunted house simulations, monitoring our abilities and weaknesses? She thought for a moment about Rant and Rave, but no, that wasn’t their style. Besides…Rant…he wouldn’t do something like that to me, I mean, us. But maybe they’ve heard some things.

The mystery of it all was enough to go poking around. If her “friends” were being mind-controlled, then yeah, whoever’s doing that is going to get way more than a backhand slap. Well, there was a midnight showing of some retro movie, “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark,” tomorrow. If she got caught off-campus while following some of this up, she can use that as a cover story. Plus, according to Reggie, it’s supposed to be a real classic. Shoving her spoon back in the ice cream, Schism licked her fingers and then sent a text off to a couple friends, “Anyone up for a movie run tomorrow? My treat, and nobody will know you were there ;-).”

Now, where did they keep the toppings in this…yes! Score! Man, ice cream tastes so much better with hot fudge, and without the stench of betrayal.

Exchanging Names

CASPERNet Transmission #e8C2

ABlake – DDickinson

+++SESSION CREATED 10/29/2017 22:17:01+++

ABlake: Hey, so 2 things. One, it’s good to know I’m not the only one sneaking off campus. It looked like you were having a good time. Two, how did you pull that off with Miss Scorpion?

ABlake: Oh, and this is Aaron. We’ve passed each other in the hall but haven’t talked much otherwise.

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/29/2017 22:32:05+++

+++SESSION RESUMED 10/30/2017 16:40:57+++

DDickinson: dhsjajdbhff

DDickinson: Neat!

DDickinson: Do I

DDickinson: need to download this each time?

ABlake: Right, so this is what Sorrell was talking about. Faculty doesn’t know about it. It’s safe.

DDickinson: Oh. Okay. How is this different from texting? Can they just read anything off my phone normally?

DDickinson: Right. This is technology. Not magic. It works differently. But why would they read things off our phones?

DDickinson: Also, the world wide web isn’t really a web is it? I know it’s off topic, but I keep reading things about it, and I’m not terribly fond of spiders.

ABlake: It’s not terribly different from texting, just safe from the eyes of the faculty. I’m not sure about you but I assume we’re being watched 24/7 on campus. Coach Archer at least knows my face. Mrs. Digan too, but I kinda stepped in that particular pile of my own accord. This app is on your phone now, but it doesn’t work during class time.

ABlake: Just to keep up appearances, we also shouldn’t use this full time. Someone NOT texting all the time is just as suspicious as someone never texting, right?

ABlake: And yep, totally not magic. If you want to make a magic version, I’d help if I could. I’ve done a handful of sendings, but me and my Master normally communicate with obfuscated letters. I can show you that tomorrow after class or something.

ABlake: I don’t think the web is an actual web, but I really don’t know how it works. Better browse safely just to be sure. :)

ABlake: So yeah, headless one, that was one heck of a fight. Was that your first adventure off-campus? Oh! Did you get to pick a codename? Mine’s Warlock.

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/30/2017 16:50:13+++

+++SESSION RESUMED 10/30/2017 16:50:27+++

DDickinson: Balor’s Butt, I lost my reply! Sorry. There are a lot of buttons.

DDickinson: Anyhow, this is good to know, though I suppose I should be more suspicious of the school? When crossing from Avalon to here, I did appear on the campus grounds, which seemed odd. Principal Summers was there as well, waiting for me it seemed? Not that I can complain much, I have a place to stay now!

DDickinson: And yes, it was quite exciting! The purple one was rather dramatic! I didn’t get anything, but the others did. We ended up helping Noah get one of the last prizes, since we inadvertently foiled some of his previous attempts at the puzzels.

DDickinson: Were the others there that started fighting with us always so aggressive? I did appreciate the girl with the funny hat and Miss Scorpion. They have fine taste in choice of arms. She struck Bender though, so I had to say her name.

DDickinson: And I’m still thinking of a code name. Does everyone have one?

ABlake: Anyone who’s serious about breaking curfew had better have a way to hide their identity.

ABlake: Wait, did you say Avalon?

DDickinson: I should not have said that. Yeah. Though I suppose it’s obvious I am not from around here.

ABlake: Can you not go back? I’m asking for research purposes, of course. Dimensional travel is my new pet project.

DDickinson: No? My father showed me the way out. Apparently it’s very difficult to establish one by oneself, but others occur naturally between our worlds. He told me I would either be on some northern isles, or possibly even one of the colonies, which is how we got back originally, or so I was told. I’m still trying to understand your maps. They are much different from the one I have.

ABlake: I can dig it. Dimensional alignment seems to shift on a whim from what I’ve studied of it so far. You REALLY need to know where you want to go. It’s not a discipline for guesswork.

ABlake: So, Avalon. I suppose that’s where your powers come from as well?

DDickinson: I suppose? I think my powers are more a part of who I am. Or rather, what I could be. Perhaps it could be something we discuss in the future?

DDickinson: I have to study for a math test, and I fear I am ill prepared!

+++SESSION TIMEOUT 10/30/2017 17:12:52+++

Finding Common Ground

CASPERnet Transmission #uB4o


ABlake: Hey man, trying this out. Looks pretty nice so far. Can I ask you something about Friday’s…events?
SSuffolk: Hey. Yeah, I am pretty happy with it. Donny did a great job.
SSuffolk: Sure. That was super crazy. Spider-piloted Bears and Monkeys with rocket launchers.
ABlake: Yeah man, Donny is THE man to know. Everyone else goes for the popular kids, but Donny really knows what is going on around here.
ABlake: Right, the monkey with the rocket launcher. What exactly did you do there? I just saw you step out from behind a workbench, touch its ear, and BAM! Bad things happened to it, I presume.
SSuffolk: I mean, I don’t know how to describe exactly HOW it works.
SSuffolk: You know how you can throw beams of water or whatever from your scepter? Think that, but less… elemental?
SSuffolk: Touching its ear was actually to put the earpiece into its ear. Channel the energy through that.
SSuffolk: I wasn’t sure if it would even work. I was a little surprised at how quickly he bugged out, too. Maybe Jeff’s energy pulse thing did more than it looked like or something?
ABlake: Maybe. Jeff’s abilities are kinda lost on me. I try to stay away from anyone with too many circuits that close to their head.
ABlake: What gets me is that I wasn’t able to affect it, not in the way I thought I should be able to. The Disintegration evocation doesn’t work on living things, but that seemed pretty clearly a machine. Same with the bear. I wish I’d gotten a shot at the tank, but, well, BEAR.
SSuffolk: Well my damage only works if the target is alive. And has a psyche. So maybe some type of robot with an AI?
SSuffolk: Maybe you should have just walked up and hugged him instead. ;)
SSuffolk: My other power appears to affect it too, which means it was more than just a program.
ABlake: Hugged Barricade, or the bear? I think either would have had similar outcomes.
ABlake: Popping sounds, cursing, and me being hit in the face.
ABlake: Where do your abilities come from, if you don’t mind. I know that’s personal as all heck and we just met, so I can respect if you’d rather not say.
SSuffolk: Nah, it’s ok. I mean, with everyone here having weird powers, you gotta ask at some point.
SSuffolk: I am not 100% sure where it comes from. I was just kind of born with them and they have gotten stronger over time.
SSuffolk: How about you. Disintegration beams and water bolts and astral projection? Where does that come from?
ABlake: Me? I’m easy. I’ve got an “awakened” soul that can touch, channel, and command the fundamental forces of the universe, and a few from outside this universe.
ABlake: Thanks to the work of ancient sorcerors from a sunken city, I’ve got a library of how-to books on how to do new things.
ABlake: The bad news is that there are a ton of rules about using magic, down to the how and when, and a serious group of enforcers who are WAY better at it than I am.
ABlake: I’ve got one of those somewhat in charge of my tutelage in the mystic arts. During the school year, it’s Claremont though.
ABlake: Not to mention the nasty side effects that only I seem to have trouble with.
SSuffolk: Oh… so “Warlock” is actually pretty accurate. Fancy that.
SSuffolk: You know that that would all sound fantastically ridiculous if it weren’t totally reasonable in this world we live in now. Way back when, it was just the gods that could unmake thinks. Now we have teenagers with supersuits and Monkeys with rocket launchers.
SSuffolk: I’ve not had such luck with training outside of school. Luckily, mine kicked in rather early, so I’ve had plenty of time to experiment with what I can and cannot do.
SSuffolk: Now if I could just control them all.
ABlake: Right? It used to be easy to spot the supers. They’d be on the front page of the paper, names in lights. Now we have to hide? It’s not like “kid sidekick” hasn’t been a thing since…ever. Not like I want to be a sidekick. I’m not even sure if I’m cut out for “hero”, but until the stuffed bears stay stuffed, I can’t stand by and watch.
ABlake: I’ve carved out a little space for myself if you need somewhere to practice. It’s cozy, but it works, and it’s off the radar as far as the faculty go. Though for you, I think targets are the problem. It doesn’t sound like setting up Monster cans on the railing is quite going to work.
ABlake: Are yours out of control like me and electronics, or something different? You come across as mostly on top of things.
SSuffolk: Oh, well I can control everything for the most part. It is just more that I have to reactively do so. Some things just happen unless I tell them not to. So sleeping is a sonofabitch.
SSuffolk: I also have a little slice of home carved out that I can retreat to when things get a little intense. Speaking of which, it may be time for another dinner soiree.
ABlake: Oh snap! I definitely want to compare “notes” then. Once we’re off campus, anything goes. Who else should we invite?

ST Post to Players - Bridging Sessions 2 and 3

Principal Summers had just settled into the chair behind his desk and started booting up his computer, “Martha, what’s the status from the last few nights?” Martha Dugan, the Vice Principal, stood a moment, as usual, before finally picking the same chair she always picked. A crinkle of a smile crossed the lines on Summers’ face touching the gray in his temples at this familiar routine.

“Well to put it bluntly Mister Summers many of the students got sloppy this time,” smoothing her dress before she started queuing up videos and files to send to Duncan. “We of course had that large fight caught at multiple angles at the Rath and Stromberg. And, the other one between Next-Gen and Elysium at Lantern Hill. Let alone the property damage, though minimal, at both locations. Both makes the whole vigilante thing against the Krewe a few weeks ago look like nothing. The covert group did better, but of course there was the one detail.”

Summers looked up from his computer interrupting her, “Tell me Archer got to the tape at Fun Time before the FCPD got there. We didn’t have much time after they called in the bomb squad.”

“We weren’t sure, until we reviewed the tapes he brought back. It’s taken care of.”

“That was also sloppy, not as public as the R and S, but covert should be covert,” he said tapping the desk in thought. “Get more surveillance technology related materials put into the electronics classes. Subtly.”

Scribbling a note into her tablet, “Already working on that. Glad we’re in agreement.”

Looking up smiling Dugan added, “However, the exposure and recent forays has given us a lot of data to go over as far as their performance profiles. They are really letting go in ways they don’t on campus. For obvious reasons.”

“We’ve got to move faster Martha, most of the Next-Gen are Seniors. If we want an official action response team we’re going to need to recruit soon. I’ve been reviewing some of the data from last year, and what we’ve already collected this year; there are some real possibilities. Have Cassie’s opinions changed?” on Summers’ screen was a massive, nearly 5 story tall purple ape with sparkles, smashing Apex into the ground.

Martha sighed, “Can we not Duncan. I’m pretty sure her powers are growing, but she’s not going to join Next-Gen.” Leaning forward she jumped topics, “What do we do about punishments this time?”

Summers gave a half-interested shrug, “The typical. They shouldn’t have been caught on film, or left evidence. Give detention to the ones that can be identified at the R and S fiasco. I’ve already seen, based on powers and my eyes: Bender, Deaglan and Aramat. Whoever is responsible for leaving the tape at Fun Time, find a reason to stick them in detention too.”

After waiting a beat Martha asked, “That’s it? That fight down town and at Lantern Hill was major.”

“Lantern Hill was mostly Next-Gen, we’re not going to Detention them. They go in the training room double time. Besides Martha,” Duncan said as he loaded up the source code on one screen and his personal version of :Love on the other, “we have much bigger puzzles to be putting our minds to.”

"...and that's when the bear showed up."
Claremont Academy: Spectral Division

“Wait, so let me get this straight. You broke curfew to leave campus, broke into a toy store in the middle of downtown, had a superhero showdown with a bunch of evil toys, including the BEAR MOUNTAIN bear, damaged a lot of property, and then, of course, the villains escaped? And you did all of this because you thought FunTime was releasing haunted toys?”

Aaron shuffled nervously in his seat. “A few things: first, we left before curfew, so we technically only broke curfew coming back. Second, we did it because D…Central Command had valid intelligence confirming the haunted toys were FunTime, and finally, you forgot about bringing back this fine feast from Wong’s!” He put on his best game-show-host grin and gestured to the pile of egg rolls rapidly disappearing from the carryout bag.

BB eyed him, unspoken accusations and disapproval hanging nervously in the air. “At least these are good egg rolls. Not sure they’re worth the rest of the trouble though.” She crunched into one. Her eyes rolled back, but not because of the egg roll.

“I dunno, it sounds like fun to me.” said an unknown girl, probably a freshman. She didn’t even look up from her phone, immersed in a :Love session, and it’s a good thing too. Aaron didn’t need super senses to see the look that BB shot her was hot with anger.

“Hey, that reminds me,” Aaron BS’d, “those Claremont buttons that we had for the Big Game last year, were those made in-house? I’d like to get my hands on that machine for a few minutes this weekend.”

“Yeah, I think mom has that thing somewhere.” BB said. The accusatory look was back. “What are you going to do with it?”

Think fast, Aaron. If you start lying to her now, you’ll never stop. “Um…something for Donny.”

BB’s face lit up. “Oh! Awesome!” Donny, the great disarmer. “I’ll see if I can grab it tomorrow then.”

Two days later, a small box appeared outside of Donny’s door. Almost simultaneously, a text arrived on his phone: “Debriefing on the SD mission soon? Something at your door to be a little more official than your shirt. -AB” Inside the box was a note lying on a handful of buttons bearing the Claremont Academy logo. The note read “Light ’em up, MC-style.” Donny passed his ghost-hunting UV flashlight over the box and smiled as each button came to flourescent life, now reading “SPECTRAL DIVISION” in collegiate print around the glowing Claremont logo.



A short time later…

+++Welcome to the Claremont Academy Students’ Protected Exchange Router+++
+++Please visit the following link to download the CASPERnet Application.+

After a short moment, the app finished downloading and pops up a very clean, simple login page with your first initial and last name pre-loaded. It is requesting a 16-character passcode. A moment later, another transmission comes through with the code.

Upon entering your code, the screen pops up another message.

“Welcome to the Claremont Academy Students’ Protected Exchange Router. This will serve as a communication network between Claremont Students, allowing secure and unmonitored communication between all of us without oversight from the faculty or any other outside influence. This network is not anonymous in any way, however. Your user name is your First initial and Last name. This cannot be changed. Please be kind.”

A prompt appears.

“Please create a new, unique passcode for your account. This account it your responsibility to be kept safe and, should it become compromised, we will have no choice but to delete the account immediately.”

After creating your passcode, a message board loads with the popup message:

“Would you like to make a post? Ask a question! Connect with friends! Catalogue your adventures! Organize a meetup!”

Chains of Justice Vol. 1 - The Eldritch Incursion

“Hello again, New Journal. I am officially entitling this chapter in you Chains of Justice, because that’s just where my life is right now and I figured you’d be cool with it.

So yeah, things are going unusually well right now, which is kinda freaking me out. Shadow and I are still a thing even though her parents barely let us talk over the summer and even though she still hangs out with that stuffy d-bag Casanova. Even though a couple of my friends from last year transferred to other schools, I’m still getting to hang out with people like Schism and MC and Invisible Amy sometimes and that’s pretty cool. Also apparently there’s a bunch of new alt-kids this year, and GOD let me tell you they are trying super hard about it. One guy’s dad was totally a supervillain and he’s just so full of it over it.

But it’s cool. I can show ‘em how to mellow out eventually. I mean I’m an upperclassman now. Taking charge of the Trenchcoat Mafia’s basically my heroic responsibility. Or whatever.

Also, ever since the Escape Room thing (SO lame), Shadow keeps getting a ton of Love-Ups in Puzzle Attack Swarm: LOVE from one of her Puzzle-Buddies and I’m like 99% sure it’s Casanova and if it is I’m gonna kick his, wait, does faculty still read this stuff? Uh, what’d Deaglan say recently? Arse? That rich d-bag better not be trying to show off to her again.

But whatever. He’s a loser.

I mean, I guess I’m being a bit of a loser, too, because people keep having parties and I keep going. I’m not one of the preps though, okay? Like, I’m not dancing or anything dumb. Just, like, hanging out and talking to cool people. Even if Checkmate KEEPS coming over and making things bright and weird wherever we’re hanging out. I mean he’s okay, but honestly? Dude just needs to calm down.

OH! And I think my chain-control is getting better. Plus I swear my sick Crow jacket is kinda taking on a life of its own now, which is like, OMG. After I got to talk to Twilight Darkness this summer, I’m feeling WAY better about my powers, and best of all, NOBODY who was there at the end of the year last year has talked about what they saw. And they’d BETTER keep it that way.

Or: how Schism started the new school year the same way she end the last one

(Recent blog post from a local Freedom City news site)

“Speculation still abounds over the Samuel “Mavericke” Jennison statue incident of Oct. 7, where a highly vocal group of protesters took matters into their own hands over the continuing presence of the controversial colonial slave trader’s memorial display. Citing the city’s ongoing frustrated attempts to supersede outdated statutes disallowing the removal of any such “heritage-based” monuments, and its demoralizing presence in a neighborhood with little reason to celebrate such a figure, approximately twenty to thirty activists managed to somehow attach multiple cables to the statue and bring it down before any municipal authorities could make it to the scene of the crime. The exact number of participants remains unknown, however, as they all disappeared “into thin air” as one bystander claimed, just as the first patrol cars arrived. Furthermore, nobody has, at the time of this dispatch, managed to explain how the half-ton statue ultimately landed upside-down in the refuse pit of an area pig farm. According to the Freedom City detectives on the case, local residents with information about “literally any of this” are encouraged to come forward to them, and soon. So far, though, nobody is talking."

(Paper turned in to on-duty teacher for detention, and subsequently Head Counselor Gabriel Marquez, Saturday, Oct. 8, 2017, by Nina Waugner)

1. I will not skip classes to assist local protesters in acts of civil disobedience and destruction of city property. I will also not use my powers in reckless and disrespectful ways for the purpose of political commentary, even though seriously? Come on!
2. I will not skip classes to assist local protesters in acts of civil disobedience and destruction of city property. I will also not use my powers in reckless and disrespectful ways for the purpose of political commentary even though you guys know it was the right thing to do.
3. I will not skip classes to assist local protesters in acts of civil disobedience and destruction of city property. I will also not use my powers in reckless and disrespectful ways for the purpose of political commentary, even though you all probably would have done it yourselves when you were my age.
4. I will not skip classes to assist local protesters in acts of civil disobedience and destruction of city property. I will also not use my powers in reckless and disrespectful ways for the purpose of political commentary even though you’re always telling us to study history so we know what we’re fighting for and when to take a stand, so why am I in trouble again?
5. I will not skip classes to assist local protesters in acts of civil disobedience and destruction of city property. I will also not use my powers in reckless and disrespectful ways for the purpose of political commentary until next time something like this comes up, because if you think I’m going to sit back and…

Fiftieth First Days

" This new school is simply stunning. The faculty seems to be genuine and kind while the other students, though prone to the normal angst common to teenagers, are fantastically willing to work together to achieve some of the most impressive things that I have seen in my recent years.

As expected, it took no time for a villainous caper to come to us from a group of hooligans who call themselves The Krewe. It is simply disrespectful to liken oneself to a krewe and then attempt to do such terrible things as destroy theater and the hundreds of children and fair-goers inside. It gives the good and honorable people back home a bad name, and I simply cannot stand for it. Hopefully my brothers and sister going out tonight will happen upon some more information regarding these ruffians.

I also have noticed that the faculty here are quite protective, to a point of near overprotectiveness, of the students. I appreciate that they have such commitment to our well-being, but they are kids, and must be able to grow up taking a few risks here and there with their powers, or else they will never be able to truly use them to their peak potential. At this point, I presume that our communications and activities are being constantly monitored. Perhaps Jeff, Donny, Brian, and Chump would be able to develop something to allow the kids to be kids without The Faculty’s watchfulness interfering. One of the presenters at the science fair mentioned that advances in transmission technology has resulted in numerous communications satellites falling out of use. Perhaps we can work with that. Donny mentioned he was going to play his Delvers and Demons (or something of that like) game tonight. I will have to try to catch him and Jeff soon to discuss this. I even have the perfect name for it.

I am still wondering if they even know that I am going to that school. I haven’t been assigned to a dormitory and have not been told of any roommate assignment either. Perhaps I should check the PO box to make sure that it wasn’t delayed for some reason. I’d truly hate to be the one who is failing when it comes to doing my diligence in making sure that my experience at this new school is as smooth as possible. Perhaps I will venture out tomorrow and check that. It is on the way to Wong’s, after all, and I have heard nothing but stellar reviews of their egg rolls and soup dumplings. "

Sorrel closed his journal and tied the leather binding before placing it on the shelf above to the others. With a smile and nod, he turned and exited the study onto the upper staircase, making his way down to the grand dining room where his guests waited for him.

“Please pardon my tardiness everyone.” he said as he took his seat. “Everyone relax and enjoy your dinner. I am sure the first course will be arriving very shortly.”


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