House Rules

Obsidian Portal is Optional

To allow the Game Masters to have access to PC information and to facilitate GM/player communication outside the game, game information will be stored in Obsidian Portal. To help the GMs, we invite everyone to sign-up enter their own characters.

Adventure Logs Gain Hero Points

If a player writes a report or journal of their game, they will earn a Hero Point.

Heroes Can Start with Two Hero Points

Players start each session with one Hero Point, and they can retain one hero point from a previous session.

Players Are Responsible For Their Character Sheets

Players will be given their character sheets on character creation. They will be responsible for keeping up with it and adjusting skills and characteristics are needed.

Power Points

Players receive one power point for successfully completing a session. For successfully completing the season, they’ll receive an additional two power points. One general one, and one for spending on either a skill or advantage that relates to your education.

Players have One Hero

Players create one hero at the beginning of the season and that’s how many you have for the season.

Forbidden Purchases

The following cannot be purchased at character creation for Season One:


  • Minion
  • Sidekick


  • Summon
  • Variable

House Rules

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