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"I understood that reference!"


So there’s a decent number of my fellow freshmen that haven’t seen…like anything. Kinda blows my mind how much we use pop culture references in normal conversation. And they get none of them. This…this needed to be fixed. Yesterday.

It’s been like 6 weeks now and we’ve had a meeting of the Claremont Cutlure Watchers (or The CW as Nina C. has been calling it) about every other day. I started things off with the classics. Stuff our parents watched when they were kids. The Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Labyrinth and Dark Crystal (HOLY CRAP did Violet and Alea lose their respective minds over those two). The Never Ending Story was thrown in becauseMr. Summers said it was the best thing ever to come out of the 80’s. I don’t think Nina W. was prepared for what happened in the Swamp of Saddness…

The rest of the faculty seems to have caught wind of what we are doing too. Ms. Harcourt insisted we watch Dexter’s Lab, so we did the whole retro Cartoon Network thing for a few nights. Mrs. Learner asked if we had done Harry Potter yet and Ms. Tuttle said we should do Starwars first and then went into this huuuuge monologue about what order to watch them in. I think we settled on Machete Order. She also promised to reserve a room for us and look into making this an officially sanctioned school club. Yay extra curricular activity? Even the upper classmen have started giving their two cents. I think we’ve got enough TV and movies to watch for the next 4 years for sure….

Most of the other CWers have just started watching stuff on netflix and youtube and whatever else they can get their hands on. I’ve started torrenting as much of the list as i can and just dumping it on dropbox for folk. The connection in this school is on point. Love me some fiber, man…dat speed, doh! Man even watching things at 30x speed, it’d take forever to get through all this.

I wonder if I can talk to Ms. Harcourt about just downloading all this stuff into people’s heads. Matrix style! Dad loved the Matrix. I saw him watching it one time and said “Oh hey cool he can do that thing i do!” and we spent the rest of the day with him shooting paintballs at me and watching me bullet time dodge with the High Speed camera. Man I miss him.

Any way, thanks for sending me here mom. Things are going awesome. You’re the best. I promise I’m actually studying too. Its not all screen time and free time.

Love You,

P.S. WHO THE HECK WRITES LETTERS ANYMORE, MOM!? Ugh. This is going to take forever to get to you isn’t it? Uuuuuuuugh…snail mail…


barrelv m0nky

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