New Guard

Dynamic Duo or Fantastic Four?

Jeff and Jason talk about adding new people to their relationship

“What about Noah?”

Jason shifted from the half-reclined position on the grass to a sitting position. “Noah? Really? But he’s so… happy.”

Jeff rolled his eyes. “Not everyone can be dark and brooding. Besides, I saw you watching him during PE.”

Jason gave a half-smile. “How can you not? He’s like a one-man circus, all three rings, plus the clowns.”

“… and fun to be around. You laugh at his awful jokes.” Jeff noted.

“Okay, fair. He’s funny in a sad sort of way.” Jason grinned to his fullest as Jeff punched him playfully in the shoulder.

“Whatever, he’s cute and you’re cuter when you laugh, so win-win.” Jeff said, counting off the positive points on his fingers.

“So I’m cuter than Noah?” Jason responded, wagging his eyebrows and leaning in far too close to Jeff.

“Not when you’re giving creeper-face.” Jeff said, scooting back and snapping a psionic wall between them.

He couldn’t help but laugh at Jason’s smooshed features against the clear barrier. In a fit of laughter, he lost control of the effect. It gave way suddenly and Jason tumbled onto him. For several moments, they remained on the grass in quiet closeness. Jason eventually dis-entangled and returned to his half-recline. “What about Luke?” Jason offered.

Jeff sat up. “Um, wouldn’t that be like dating another you?”

“Isn’t two of me your secret fantasy?” Jason countered, giving an evil grin.

A red blush quickly rose up Jeff neck and face as he sputtered a defense. Jason laughed. “Okay, Luke for sure then.” he said.

Jeff quickly tried changing subjects. “You think Noah and Luke like each other?”

Jason shrugged. “Not sure. I don’t think they have a lot of classes together. And you’re making a big assumption that they’d both say yes.”

“Okay, true. So how do we go about this?” Jeff responded, pulling at the grass to hide his nervousness.

Jason waved away the concern, tapping at his smart-watch “Already taken care of. I added it to tomorrow announcements. Luke Dixon and Noah Garcia, Jason Drake and Jeff Mauer would like to ask the two of you out on a date.”

Jeff’s eyes widened as he dove for Jason’s wrist. Laughing, Jason used Jeff’s momentum to roll the pair and switch their places. As Jason sat on Jeff’s chest, he showed Jeff the digital display where tomorrow’s weather scrolled by harmlessly. “God, you’re such an asshole.” Jeff mumbled.

“Yes, but I’m your asshole” Jason said, leaning down for a kiss. The laugh escaped Jeff’s mouth before he could catch it. “Phrasing? Is that still a thing?”


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