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Evelyn The Fallen Angel

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(So I’ve been debating if I should even put in the effort to make this post. I haven’t felt like I’m part of the group for a while now and it’s really disappointing when the only answers to your pleas are “Oh well.” That said here it is. Happy New Year.)

Evelyn: The Fallen Angel

Directed by Daniel Knowles

Costume Design by Flora Madison

Set Design by Cybersoul

Music and effects by MC

Choreography by Demetrius Kuzkin


Charlene Hart as Evelyn.

Simone Waughner as Lucia.

Reggie Weeks as King Zenith.

Eggy Ignacio as Nadir “The Devil.”

Deaglan Dickinson as Kaiden, leader of the Lost.

Robert Cooper as Morgan, keeper of the Lost.

Aaron Blake as Gabriel, High General of Heaven’s Army.

Jeff Mauer as Marius, right hand of Zenith and head of Heaven’s Counsil.

Act One, Scene One

Our scene opens with music over a closed curtain. Evelyn enters stage right followed by King Zenith stage left. The two meet in the middle already engaged in a conversation. Evelyn seems distraught. Zenith does his best to console her. We can not hear their conversation over the music but it is resolved with a reluctant Evelyn. She dons her armor and begins her song.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

Several other angels join her on stage including General Gabriel. It is clear they are gearing up for battle. Once they are armed to the teeth the angels spread their wings and prepare to take flight. It’s a hauntingly beautiful sight as the sun set colors of Heaven beam thorugh their wings only to fade away just as quickly. There is a sense that something about this is wrong but nothing more is said.

As the music reaches it’s height and the guitars blast the curtains draw back to reveal a village already in flames. The angels draw swords and begin to slaughter the villagers. Peasants scream in terror running in all directions. They are helpless against the might of the angels.

As the song winds down a single child remains center stage crouched over the body of her mother. The angels circle around her. Evelyn approaches the child who is frozen in fear. Witnessing the tragedy of war first hand Evelyn drops to her knees and hugs the child. The angels sing in somber moans awaiting the child’s fate. Evelyn takes in one last shaking breath then snaps the child’s neck. She stands up as the angel’s exit stage left. Evelyn grabs her face to hold back her tears.

Curtain falls.

Act One. Scene Two

King Zenith appears in the audience strolling slowly through the aisle towards the stage. He holds his arm out towards the stage and addresses the audience directly as his song begins.

( Lead Vocals: Reggie Weeks, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

The Curtains rise revealing a council chamber in the style of the old Roman Empire. In the center on the floor is Evelyn now chained and bound. Several Councilors sit on their thrones debating the actions of Evelyn.

During the song it is revealed, through dialogue between Gabriel and Marius, that Zenith gave Evelyn no orders to slaughter the village in the first scene. The audience of course knows this is a lie but it’s not clear if Gabriel and Marius are in on this yet.

King Zenith passes judgment on Evelyn and proceeds to cut her wings off. As a final insult Zenith tosses Evelyn off the edge of the stage himself. Evelyn tumbles into the depths of Hell.

Set changes.

Act One, Scene Three

The council chamber fades away. The stage transforms into a dark tunnel of fire and stone with numerous passages. Evelyn struggles to free her self from her chains. Just then a demon crawls into view. It looks at Evelyn and tries it’s luck. Evelyn wraps the chains around the demons neck killing it. She uses it’s teeth to break the chains.

Alone in Hell, Evelyn begins to weigh her options.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart)

Midway though her solo Evelyn bursts into tears. She rips her armor off and curls into a ball. After a moment she regains her composure. She has to because more demons are coming. She grabs her broken chains as a weapon and exits stage left.

Act One, Scene Four

Enter stage right a large caravan of wondering souls. All of them in tattered shabby robes. A small wagon dragging behind them. Kaiden and Morgan remain with the wagon keeping order with the lost souls. Leading the way is Lucia, a dark skinned black winged creature like an Angel that’s been corrupted. A large blade held in her hand. A single demon crawls onto the stage but Lucia quickly dispatches it. The Caravan inches forward circling the edge of the stage as Lucia continues to slay demons who try to wander too close. Any demon that passes Lucia is quickly dealt with by Kaiden and Morgan.

( Lead Vocals: Simone Waughner)

Lucia is busy protecting the caravan from the demons of hell when they run into Evelyn stage left. The two lock eyes for a moment sizing each other up and the battle begins. Lucia and Evelyn fight toe to toe neither willing to give up an inch of ground.

As the song grows quiet and somber Evelyn gains the upper hand. Evelyn is about to strike the final blow when a small child runs from the caravan and holds Lucia to protect her. Evelyn stops dead in her tracks. This is the same girl she killed in scene one.

The tempo speeds up and now both Evelyn and Lucia are fighting side by side slaying demons as they go. Once all is clear Lucis keeps her guard up around Evelyn. The Caravan is revealed to me a mixture of young and old alike with only a few soldiers to keep them safe.

Kaiden approaches declaring himself the leader of the Lost as they call them. Lost souls trapped in hell. He explains that it’s not just the wicked that go to hell but anyone that disobeys the will of Zenith and his authoritarian dogma. Not praying enough, not sacrificing enough, going to the wrong temples, loving the wrong people. All these things can land you in hell. Yet, he continued, sinners, murderers, psychopaths got a free pass to heaven so long as they did everything perfect and worshiped Zenith in just the right way. So now the Lost wander through hell just trying to survive in the hopes that one day they will be free. Those that lose hope often lose their minds becoming savage eventually turning into demons. Lucia and Morgan very nearly turned into a demons themselves before Kaiden saved them.

Act One, Scene Five

We return to Heaven in the council chambers. Word of discontent has reached Gabriel. Many angels have expressed concern with leadership. They question the recent actions taken against Evelyn and whether or not it was just. Gabriel brings these concerns to Marius who ensured him they will be addressed.

Just then Zenith enters center stage already aware of growing concern. A tense moment passes between Gabriel and Zenith as Zenith prods his General to test his loyalties. Satisfied for now the three embark on a montage of interrogating angels and punishing those that pose a threat to the crown. This results in several angels having their ranks stripped, their bodies tortured or even worse, their wings ripped clean off and exiled. All the while Zenith sings happily as he rules through fear.

( Lead Vocals: Reggie Weeks, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

Act One, Scene Six

Set change and the audience is back in hell. Evelyn has spent some time with the Lost when she mentions the devil. Morgan laughs telling her the devil is nothing like they say he is. Kaiden reveals that they’re actually on their way to see the Devil. Once they arrive they are greeted by another group of Lost as well as a sleek and handsome Nadir. Brother of Zenith cast out of Heaven centuries ago. Evelyn having lived in Heaven her whole life has many preconceptions about Nadir. Nadir makes sure to set her straight.

( Lead Vocals: Eggy Ignacio, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

After the song Nadir, Kaiden and Morgan start talking about escape plans. They had tried for years to find a way out of hell but each attempt failed. Lucia mentions how strong Evelyn was and that she’s not suffered the long term effects of hell yet. In an effort to convince a reluctant Evelyn that she could be their best chance Kaiden steps up to the plate with his solo.

( Lead Vocals: Deaglan Dickinson, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

Curtain Fall.


Act Two, Scene One

Curtain rises on a lone Evelyn in Hell debating with her self about what was just asked of her.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart)

Curtain falls.

Act Two, Scene Two

Gabriel appears in the audience stage right. He is talking to Marius about the current situation with more and more angels questioning Zeniths actions. Marius informs Gabriel that Zenith is concerned about Evelyn. That she had made contact with Nadir and they may be planning a rebellion. Gabriel is ordered to quell their uprising by any means necessary.

Curtain rises to show the Lost have set up camp for the night. Gabriel and his angels sneak into the camp and start to murder the Lost in their sleep. As Gabriel watches what they’ve been ordered to do he comments that his soldiers have been reduced to common cut throats. He feels powerless to act against Zenith however and can do nothing but watch.

(×4Q Lead Vocals: Aaron Blake)

Kaiden enters stage right. He draws his sword and charges the angels to defend the Lost. The battle awakens the camp allowing many Lost to flee to safety. Lucia, and Morgan defend their exit in an effort to save as many Lost as they can. In the chaos they lose track of Kaiden. Lucia and Morgan are willing to give their lives to find him but Nadir appears just in the nick of time and wisps them away to safety. Kaiden is a competent fighter but he is quickly overwhelmed. Heaven’s Army surrounds him and moments later his head is removed from his shoulders. His body falls to the floor cold and lifeless.

Curtain falls.

Act Two, Scene Three

Evelyn stands off stage left feeling gloomy and brooding. She’s still unsure of what to do. Morgan enters stage right panting heavily. He pleads for Evelyn’s help and the two rush off stage right.

Curtain rises revealing a camp torn to pieces, riddled with dead bodies. The air is filled with the the quiet sobs and gut wrenching cries of the Lost as they pick through the rubble finding their loved one’s remains.

It was an ambush, they explain to Evelyn. Heaven was sending them a message. Morgan screams in terror as he finds the severed head of Kaiden. Lucia follows close behind him. The two cradle Kaiden’s head struck with pain and grief. Nadir looks on with Evelyn. He tells her they won’t stop until Zenith is satisfied. Being his brother, Nadir knows Zenith will never be satisfied.

Evelyn turns to stone as she sees something in the rubble. “No!” She exclaims as she drops to her knees. The world around her becomes silent. Nadir says something but no sound comes to Evelyn’s ears. The audience experiences the deafening silence that has struck Evelyn. Slowly she picks up the body of the little girl. The same girl she killed in act one. The same girl that saved Lucia and caused Evelyn to pause.

The room is filled with white noise. A harsh static that thumps with the slow steady undertone of a heart beat. Evelyn lays the child down and closes her eyes. As she stands the world comes back into focus. “Evelyn did you hear me? We have to move.” Nadir’s words can finally be heard. Her body tenses. Her face is stern.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

As she begins to rally the Lost it’s clear they are too few in number to take on Heaven’s Army. So Evelyn turns to the savage demons. She kills those that threaten her and forces the others to submit to her will. She will raise an army. Heaven be warned.

She’s coming..

Curtain falls.

Act Two, Scene Four

Curtain rises on a new scene. Pearly white gates surrounded by beautiful sun set clouds. Angels guard the gates with their lives. They are covered from head to toe in plate male wielding massive spears. In the shadows bellow Heaven’s gate enter Lucia. She appears in the audience sneaking slowly through the aisle towards the gate. Lost and demons alike follow her as they approach. The angels are clueless as to what they’re about to face.

The assault begins as the music plays. Lucia starts off with the first verse. Morgan picks up on the second. Evelyn closes on the final just before the hook. Once the gates have fallen they raise their swords in victory. With one unified voice they shout. “Raise Hell In Heaven!”

( Lead Vocals: Simone Waughner, Robert Cooper, Charlene Hart, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast.)

Act Two, Scene Five

The scene changes. We’re back in the council chambers only this time it is filled to the brim with soldiers. Our heroes storm into the chamber driving back Heaven’s Army. Lucia and Morgan hold the chamber allowing Evelyn and Nadir to reach the throne room.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart )

In the Throne room Evelyn ad Nadir face off with Zenith, Marius, Gabriel and a host of soldiers. They send in their demons first then use the chaos to gain the upper hand. They cut down Heaven’s greatest warriors. Marius is slain during the conflict. Evelyn turns her attention to Zenith. She taunts him at the edge of her sword. Just as she’s about to land the killing blow. Nadir grabs a fallen spear and rams it through Evelyn’s back.

Act Two, Scene Six

Lucia and Morgan rush into the throne room only to see Evelyn impaled on the spear. She stumbles and falls into their arms.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

Zenith praises Nadir for his bravery against the terrorist. He rewards Nadir by welcoming him back to Heaven and granting him a place on the council. This was Zenith’s and Nadir’s plan all along. To start an uprising in order to paint Nadir as a brave and noble hero in the defense of Heaven.

Zenith orders the remaining demons and Lost to be executed immediately. Lucia charges at Nadir ready to take his life for his betrayal. Gabriel meets her with his own blade and the two square off. Angels surround Lucia insuring strength in numbers. Still Lucia screams in defiance. She’s willing to die to see justice done. Gabriel disarms her and places his hand on her shoulder. He shakes his head then turns to Evelyn’s body.

Zenith commands Gabriel again to fulfill his duty to his king and slay the intruders. To his soldiers surprise this order is ignored. Gabriel picks up Evelyn’s body and asked Lucia for her help. Morgan joins them and together the three of them carry Evelyn out of the throne room.

( Lead Vocals: Aaron Blake, Simone Waughner, Robert Cooper, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

Enraged Zenith orders Heaven’s Army to consider Gabriel a traitor and slay him. The soldiers are slow to act but some of them hold their spears to Gabriel. Then slowly they drop their weapons and help the three carry Evelyn. Several others pick up the dead or dying and carry them slowly out of the throne room.

Zenith can not believe what he’s seeing. He tries to use his power to stop them but he is drained from the battle. With each angel that turns away from him he loses more and more of his strength. The faith that has fueled him all these years is now draining from him rapidly.

Act Two, Scene Seven

We return to the gates where all of heaven is leaving. Demon and angel walk side by side turning their backs on Zenith and his failed throne. Their faith no longer in a tyrant in hope that they will be rewarded for their suffering or their loyalty. From now on their faith is in each other. It is this faith that turned the tide. Just then Evelyn’s body begins to glow like golden light. She floats above the crowd and vanishes into thin air. Moments later she appears above them reborn as a god.

( Lead Vocals: Charlene Hart, Background Vocals: Supporting Cast)

She taunts Zenith and Nadir one last time before kicking them out of Heaven. Then with her newly found power she resurrects the victims of the war, both demon, Lost, and angel alike. Our play ends with Evelyn taking the throne.

Curtain Falls.

Curtain Call

The cast come to greet the audience and thank them for their attendance as Deaglan Dickinson and Eggy Ignacio sing Shopping for a Savior.

( Lead Vocals: Deaglan Dickinson, Eggy Ignacio, Background Vocals: Entire Cast)


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