New Guard

Mending Mistakes

The explosion. The Cracking. Pain and helplessness were all Reggie could feel. He thought of Tesla Girl in that moment…

Reggie had the syringe in his hand ready to spring forward and dose Tesla Girl to knock her out. Just as he was about to rush forward though he actually looked at her. Nine years old. Nine short years and she was already being manipulated to a life of evil. Reggie turned to look at Brian. Like he said, but hasn’t said yet, this could just as easily have been him. Reggie put the syringe away and then nodded toward Tesla Girl. Brian nodded and took his helmet off. They walked forward while Flora and Aramat hung back. MC began working her illusions on Princess Silverwing.

“Woah!” Tesla Girl shouted at them. “Woah woah woah. Who the heck are you guys? Beta team guard patrol. OFFICIAL patrol. Very important.” She holds up a tablet display with the official assignment from the vice principal.

“Hey! Tesla girl right? Man they’ve got you on patrol? Well I feel secure. Don’t you feel secure, D.V.?” Reggie says turning to Brian.

“The securest.” Brian says following Reggie’s lead.

“Wait…what’s up with the princess?” she says finishing with air quotes.

Silverwing seemed to be going on about an invading army and waving her sword around. MC’s illusions were working again.

“Pff. Probably living another one of her fantasies.” Reggie said dismissively.

“Probably why they put the Mistress of Mad Science in charge of patrol.” Brian added.

“I TOLD her I was in charge! Sheeee didn’t believe me though.”

“So is it true you’ve made a personal force field generator?” Brian asked keeping the attention on Tes’s tech.

She distrustingly looked him up and down. “See looking at your suit, you’re too worried about modernism. Future tech! Blah…you don’t get the intricacy of clockwork! You let the tech take the blows…I protect the tech. Your old brain is probably just set in its ways.”

Reggie busted out laughing.

“She’s got you there, D.V.”

“Now hold on a second…” Brian began to counter.

“What are you guys doing here anyway?” Tesla asked finally.

“Short cut. Missed dinner earlier. Gonna snag some ice cream. Want us to bring you some on the way back?” Reggie answered.

“2.5 scoops Rocky Road and 1 scoop strawberry. The bowl must be chilled.”

“Cool. Come on guys. They’re letting us through.” Reggie called to the rest. “Good doing business with ya Tesla Girl.”

“I liked that whole Mistress of Mad Science. Let’s stick with that.”

“Only fair. Watch your back with Silverwing though. She might be weird when she comes out of this one.” MC said as they all walked down the hall.

“Oh. Wow ok 5 of you. I’ll up the radius of my scanners. You better be glad I didn’t summon the spiderbots!”

Reggie and the team slipped into the Headmistress’s office while Tesla Girl was distracted with Princess Silverwing’s delusions.

He was back at the explosion. He’d never left. And he wasn’t alone. His friends were there beside him confronting Team Alpha.

He smiled.


Now that we don’t have that on our conscious…Let’s PARTY!

Mending Mistakes
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