New Guard

Star-crossed Smallville

Hero stuff, right?

“No, Reggie. I am totes not going to go behind my dad’s back to get you ridiculously top secret AEGIS info on aliens.” Nina had her arms crossed and was giving Reggie a look that channeled his own mom.

“Wow…freaky. Stop that. With the look. You’re momming out on me over there.” Reggie put up his hand to block Nina’s eyes from his view.

“Jesus, Reggie. I’m serious. You know that isn’t my thing. I’ve got a good thing going here and I’m not risking it for…what the heck would you need this f…oh.” She gave him a knowing look which quickly became a judging look.

SERIOUSLY!? You want me to risk not only my reputation but also my permanent record and, quite possibly, my relationship with my dad FOR YOUR CRUSH!?” Nina’s arms were now unfolded and her hands were clenched fists. Her eyes were glowing silver.

Reggie quickly put his hands in front of himself protectively.

“Woah woah woah. No it’s not like that!”

Her glare intensified.

“Ok ok…maybe it is a bit like that. OK FINE it’s a lot like that.” Reggie let his arms drop.

Nina rolled her eyes and turned to walk away. Reggie shot out his hand quicker than she could see and grabbed her wrist.

“Wait. No. It’s not just that!”

Nina paused and looked at her wrist and then over her shoulder at him. He immediately let go.

“Listen. We have it easy, right? I mean sure you worked super hard to get a handle on and control your powers. Quite well I might add. Jeeze, it must’ ve taken you what? A few years to get those wings formed. And those blasts! Man those…”

Nina let out an exasperated “ugh” and turned to walk away again.

ANYWAY! Me, I was born this way too and I’ve had fourteen years to get a handle on all of this.” In the blink of an eye he was in front of Nina trying to stop her from walking away.

“But with her…it happened to her. Flipped her world upside down. And it’s not all cool blasts and wings or super speed. Her powers seem to only hurt people. She doesn’t want them to but they do. And that sucks. Can you even imagine how you would have turned out if your cool silver energy gave the people around you cancer? Crappy, right? All me and [Jeff are trying to do here is give her the chance to prove she is normal. Like us. That she can control this stuff. Shape it. Like we do. We just need info is all.”

Ninas eyes stopped glowing and her posture relaxed a bit.

“Yeah ok that sucks. I hear you. I get it. But I’m not going to break the law to help you, Reggie. The CW is super fun and you’re cool and all but no.”

Reggie smiled. “Then don’t break the law. Just ask for it. Tell them what you want and why you want it. You’re basically being groomed to follow in dad’s footsteps and you’ve proven time and time again that you’re super responsible and make good decisions. All that stuff the olds eat up. Nom nom nom. And that’s cool! Hell I’d kill for your discipline. Well not actually kill, but…anyway. Your dad sees his little girl trying to do some good in the world to help out a girl who just wants to feel normal. How can he say no? That’s hero stuff, Nina. Besides, a Charlene that could maybe control her powers and use them for good is someone I’d think AEGIS would rather have around.”

Nina walked forward putting her index finger on Reggie’s chest and pushing hard.

“Ok. Fine. I’ll ask. But you owe me.”

She poked him and said “Big.”

Reggie put up his hands in surrender and blinked backwards a few steps.

“Loud and clear, Nike. And thanks.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Apollo.” She cracked a smirk.

Reggie smiled and sped off to the science lab to share the news with Jeff.


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