Alea Arlissan (AKA Elflight)


Elflight is actually Alea Arlissan, a half-elf from the mystical world of Avalon, a dimension which exists in close association with Earth-Prime, especially with the British Isles, and is home of the Tuatha. Throughout history the connection between the two worlds has waxed and waned over time. It is very difficult to travel between the two worlds, but not for the Queen of Faerie. One of her visits to Earth- Prime was to set a young man named Thomas Rhymer on the right track. When she found him, they enjoyed time together in Avalon, where time passes queerly. She revealed secrets to Rhymer that his mind is still unraveling, but he also left her with something: a child.

Upon the birth of their daughter, Alea, the Queen of Faerie had members of her court raise her as a “ward of the court.” Alea and her adoptive parents knew she was half-elven, but no one knew she was a princess of faerie with the queen’s blood in her veins. Regardless, she was raised in the court, treated as a noble child, and afforded the opportunities associated with such rank. She was trained in combat and magic, for both of which she exhibited considerable talent.

Because of her elven heritage, Alea ages slowly, combined with the way time passes in Avalon, she was only a young teenager when she next encountered a mage from Earth-Prime. Seven came to Avalon to wrest an artifact from the Fomori to help her defeat Una, Dark Lord of the Netherworld. While there, she needed the help of “one of two worlds” to recover the artifact. The Queen of Faerie volunteered Alea to help Seven with her task, explaining she was half human and should prove equal to the task. She also awarded Alea the legendary sword Whitestar to aid in the task. Their quest carried the two young women into the depths of a Fomori stronghold where they fought a deadly battle, but ultimately succeeded. Before Seven could leave, Alea asked if she could go with her to Earth-Prime to learn more about her heritage. She wanted to experience it and see what mysteries it held. Seven agreed to take her on the condition that she would be a student at the Claremont Academy, where Seven spent so many of her formative years, but she also secretly made her vow to defend the Earth from mystical threats as best she could. Alea agreed.

Alea Arlissan (AKA Elflight)

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