Duncan Summers

Claremont's Aging Benefactor


Duncan Summers is in his late-50s, his black hair is white at the temples, and his face, while strong and handsome still, grows more lined from worry every year. His eyes are gunmetal gray and he’s always clean-shaven. He tends to wear dark turtlenecks and slacks but still looks quite dashing when forced into a tuxedo for society or charity parties. He walks with the aid of a cane, which conceals a climbing grapple and some smoke and flash pellets for emergencies. He’s also adept at using the cane as a weapon, slowed only by his weakened legs.


Duncan Summers was an adventurous man in his youth and traveled the world. While in Asia, Duncan discovered a fabulous lost treasure, but lost his parents and sister to violence back home. Duncan dedicated his newfound wealth to fighting crime and adopted the masked identity of the Raven, operating out of his native New York for many years.

Among the Raven’s greatest foes was the sinister Dr. Sin. Raven and Sin’s daughter Jasmine fell in love, though Sin’s machinations kept them apart for years. After one final battle that seemed to end the life of Dr. Sin and the Raven’s career, Duncan retired and married Jasmine, who died tragically fighting to save him and her daughter when her father returned from the dead. Although he lost his wife years ago, Duncan still misses her greatly. In memory of her sacrifice, he remains dedicated to helping their daughter fight Dr. Sin and many other evils. He worries for her safety, but he’s also proud she’s carrying on his legacy.

Duncan decided to pass on his legacy in another way by opening the Claremont Academy, where he schools young supers in the use of their powers. He splits his time between Bayview and the Raven’s penthouse headquarters in Midtown. His students know “Old Man Summers” was a superhero once, and while they don’t know which one, some of them have a pretty good idea.

Duncan Summers

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