Jae Murphy (AKA Blue Bolt)


Jae Murphy grew up in Irvine, California, the son of a Korean former model and sometimes actress and a very successful American event planner. There were only two things unusual about Jae’s life: one, that he was a jinx when it came to computers, phones, and anything electronic, and, two, that his mother insisted he was the son of an alien she met at a concert on New Year’s Eve in 2000. Jae didn’t believe her, of course, but she only told him about it and insisted he not mention it to anyone. She also told him to tell him if he ever felt strange or experienced anything unusual.

On a trip to Los Angeles, Jae was witness to a fight between the Emerald City hero known as Xeno and black-clad agents working for Majestic-20. During the fight, Xeno phased through a wall and the men in black started scanning the surrounding area. When their scanner passed over Jae, they stopped and yelled, “Alien! She must have shapeshifted! Get her!” And with that they came at Jae, sending the crowd scattering. Jae, for his part, freaked out. There was a flash of light just as the men in black raised their guns, and Jae found himself standing on top of a nearby parking lot, a scorch mark at his feet. Feeling exhausted, he dropped to the ground, and when he looked back up a couple minutes later, Xeno was floating nearby. She asked where he was from. When Jae replied “Irvine”, Xeno laughed and told him Majestic-20’s sensors detected aliens, so there was apparently more to him than he knew.

Xeno got Jae in touch with Duncan Summers, who flew the boy to the Claremont Academy for testing. With a little coaching, he was able to manifest a wide array of electrical powers with a surprising degree of natural control. After that, he was admitted to the school with his parent’s permission and has been at the school since.

Jae Murphy (AKA Blue Bolt)

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