Luke Dixon (AKA Wraith)


Traveling the world as the son of a single father and scientist for the military was fun and exciting for young Luke Dixon. He went to private schools, got to see new places, and was surrounded by kids from other military families. Sure he had to put up with his father Malcolm being controlling and overprotective, but that wasn’t often because he worked so much, which left Luke alone most of the time. Once Luke was a few years older, he noticed that everywhere they went was a warzone, which seemed a weird place to send a scientist like his father. When he did a bit of reading online, he figured out that even though he and his father were from America, they weren’t ever stationed anywhere the American military was involved. His curiosity piqued, Luke snooped through his father’s things and found out he worked for an organization called “the Foundry” and that they supplied weapons and technology to anyone with money. His father was working on “living” cybernetics systems—apparently on “volunteers” who were taken from the sites of bombings and battles against their wishes and terminated when experimentation failed.

Rather than stay with his father, Luke decided to run away. He waited for a lull in the fighting outside the compound, stole a vehicle (which he barely knew how to drive), and made a run for it. He made it away from the compound, through the desert, and into the city, but was targeted by forces there when they saw his truck. If they’d only fired bullets, he might have been okay, but a rocket-propelled grenade spelled the end for the truck and for him. Or it would have if his father hadn’t noticed he’d fled and sent troops to bring him back. The troops were able to recover what was left of Luke and return him to his father. Upon seeing the torn up, mostly dead body of his son, Malcolm Dixon knew he had another chance to test his cybernetics and at the same time attempt to save his son.

Unlike so many previous subjects, Luke survived the process and both he and the bio-cybernetics seemed to adapt well to each other. Unbeknownst to Luke, as he lay in an induced coma for months, recovering, the Foundry base was raided and he was secretly taken back to the United States by AEGIS when they found him. When Luke woke up, he was back in America and had AEGIS scientists helping him recover, learn to use his new body, and adapt to his new reality. When he was healthy, they recommended he go to the Claremont Academy and he was accepted. He’s been at the school a couple of years and has made more than a full recovery.

Luke Dixon (AKA Wraith)

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