Nina Cruz (AKA Silver Eagle)


The story of Silver Eagle begins with her father, Lorenzo Cruz. He was an AEGIS agent during the Terminus Invasion and was right in the middle of the action. He coordinated closely with the Freedom League and moved back and forth between Earth-Prime and the Terminus while carrying out his work and was there at the end when they closed down the largest portal in Freedom City. He was injured during the fighting, but he recovered; however, he’d also been exposed to massive amounts of extradimensional energy—and the effects of that wouldn’t be seen until he and his wife Samantha had their first child, Nina.

From birth, Nina exhibited unusual traits: sometimes her eyes glowed silver, she “leaked” silver energy from her fingertips, sometimes she floated; it was a lot for new parents to deal with. Thankfully they had AEGIS and the superhero community to help them. After a lot of tests, it was clear that Nina was perfectly healthy, but she had access to extradimensional energy which she could manipulate. Over years of training, she gained proficiency with it, learned discipline, and loved every minute of it. Certainly there were times when she wanted to go have fun with her friends instead of train with her powers, but she understood she had to make sacrifices for the greater good.

Because AEGIS isn’t a school, they arranged to have Nina attend the Claremont Academy. She’s been a student of the school for eight years and regards it as home. She’s a fixture around the school, and Duncan allows her more leeway than most of the students because he knows she’s responsible and won’t take advantage of this.

Nina Cruz (AKA Silver Eagle)

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