Reena Sarin (AKA Catalyst)


Reena is a daughter of Indian immigrants who moved to Boston to attend medical school. Her parents met while at school, ended up marrying, moving to Florida for work, and starting a family. Reena is the youngest of four children. She was a bright, precocious, and willful child, which didn’t change much as she aged.

Life changed for Reena when she started going through puberty at 12. Sure, there were all of the normal changes, but she also experienced paralyzing headaches, extended bouts of hyperactivity bordering on mania followed by exhaustion and extended periods of sleep. She had a difficult time concentrating some days, but was superfocused others. Her parents, both doctors, were alarmed by all this and examined her themselves and took her to specialists to find out what was going on. The only answer seemed to be that her metabolism was out of whack and sent her body all sorts of uncontrolled, conflicting messages. After a couple of years, during which her symptoms disappeared and reappeared seemingly at random, Reena came to believe she’d have to deal with this her entire life.

One day when she was walking home from school, Reena was approached by a very nice, well-dressed woman with a Russian accent who introduced herself as Vila Reena remembers having a nice conversation with Vila, then getting in her car and going to her very nice house. There she was introduced to some other kids about her age and was told this was her new family. Reena thought that sounded like a fine thing. One of the other kids, named Mindfreak, dug around in Reena’s mind and forced her to use her powers for the first time. She blew out the back wall of the kitchen with an uncontrolled blast of bio-energy…then collapsed to the floor, exhausted. After a few minutes, she’d recovered her breath and felt better than she had in years. She also realized she’d been brainwashed somehow and kidnapped. She turned and blasted Mindfreak out the front wall of the house and fled. The few kids Lady Vila had mind controlled chased after her and a running battle ensued, with Reena firing off blasts of energy as she ran for home. She took out a couple of her pursuers and the others gave up when they heard police sirens. Reena was arrested, but news of super-powered kids running wild travels fast and Duncan Summers used his influence to get her released, then spoke to her and her parents about teaching her about her powers at the Claremont Academy. The Sarins agreed it was for the best.

Since arriving at the school, Reena has trained with her powers, but has been frustrated by how tiring and inefficient they are. A few months ago, she got sick of it and spent all of her break creating a control rod to help her store, control, and direct her powers. She’s very happy with how it turned out.

Reena Sarin (AKA Catalyst)

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