New Guard

Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno

Splashed across the front page of the The Daily Word, a tabloid morning daily in Freedom City, are blurry photos of Wraith, Gargoyle, and Barricade battling a street gang, clearly taken from an above fire escape. Barricade’s traditionally gleaming white armor has been changed to matte black and he carries a massive blue psi-energy shield that he’s using to cover the retreat of a number of people running away from the conflict. Each of them have a stylized triangle on their chest with a different emblem in the center. All and all, they look like any of group of established (and appropriately theme-matched) super heroes operating in Freedom City. In another photo, the three of them are flying away from the scene as police cruisers arrive, the Trine logo predominately scored into the wall of a nearby building.


Over the past week, we’ve received numerous reports of a new group of super heroes operating in the Fens. “Trine”, as they’re calling themselves, have returned to the Fens neighborhood once frequented by dangerous vigilante “Redline” and are disrupting the vice trade of several neighborhood gangs that have filled the vacuum left by Redline’s retirement. Speculation runs rampant to their origin and motives.

Our reporters are working diligently to identify these newest members of Freedom City’s stable of super heroes. Anyone with information about the self-identified “Trine” trio are asked to contact our offices immediately for a hefty finder’s fee. The FCPD are also looking for information.

The Daily Word, December 15th, 2016

What We Do With Our Gifts
Green on the tree, Red in the ledger

(Internal monologue in parentheses, other text in journal or otherwise written)

I think I’ve found a new emotion to fuel my abilities!
(…and the music was awesome too…)

Since I won’t see many of you over Winter Break, consider this an early holiday gift. Reciprocation is not necessary; gifts imply no obligation except to hopefully enjoy them in the spirit they were given.

(Two more of these, then delivery. Might as well go grab my tuxedo while I’m out. What was the alarm code again? It seems so long since I’ve been home.)

Even with the spectacular outcome of Friday, not everyone had the best night. Coincidentally, they headed off together afterward, hopefully to share their disappointment — and not much else. Reggie’s going to be…well, I’m not sure what he’s going to be, but I’m willing to bet it won’t be subtle. Part of me says I’ve done enough, especially during the show, but the other part says I still owe each of them something. Hopefully they’ll take these as gifts and not insults. The third one…I’m absolutely SURE she’ll love it.

Hood up to Pass Unseen, Aaron delivers a loosely wrapped parcel with the generic message above on a tag at three of his classmates’ doors. Each one also has a personalized message inside.

GMs: If any of this is un-kosher, consider it un-done.

To MC: An empty LP sleeve. On the front is a photorealistic drawing of the Rave to End All Raves. The colors practically jump off of the cover, and you could swear the figures onstage move slightly. Inside the sleeve is a folded card reading “MC…Whenever you release your first album, and I know you will, I can’t think of anything better for the album art.”

To Casanova: A lump of pale yellowish metal, about palm size sits in a soft polishing cloth. Something luminous appears to be embedded in the metal, barely visible at one of the thinner edges. “Casanova: It might not look like much, but give it some attention often and it’ll turn into something great. No shortcuts, no cut corners, just time and effort.” (This is a simple Artifact with a delayed Transform on it: Casanova’s Claremont Class Ring)

To Charlene: A notebook sized Native American dreamcatcher. The horsehair is so fine that when struck by light at just the right angle, its shadow is subtly prismatic. “Charlene, Sadly, I learned the hard way why mind magic is taught later. I think I’ll keep my out-of-body experiences to this plane of existence, but couldn’t leave you hanging. Shamans put these over their beds to give good dreams, and this one has some special mojo: it captures rainbows. Hopefully it can help you capture yours.”

Between Light and Dark
There is Only. . . Shadow

First of all, to be completely clear to anyone from, say, a disciplinary committee reading this, if Noah gets his hand chopped off inside of a locked cabinet trying to read this journal, he was warned.

Hi, New Journal. I had to buy you because my old Journal was destroyed in the incident last week. Oops. The upperclassman I bought you from said you’d temporarily de-power anyone who touched you, so that should be pretty decent security, I think. NOAH.

Anyway, this week has been pretty okay. Which, I mean, compared to the weekend, shouldn’t have been too hard. I figured Parent-Teacher Conferences were gonna blow, but sheez. . . getting thrown around by a giant hose in front of the whole school, having mom just being my mom out there in front of everyone. I swear, if Schism hadn’t zapped me out of there, I’d probably have just died. DIED.

But, since then. . . I dunno. I figured everyone would be making fun of me, but they were mostly talking about Kismet’s performance, and of course, I mean, all the other crazy stuff that went on that day.

Including Shadow’s parents being creepy golems. That was kinda sick. Actually, no, it just sucked. Shadow really hated that. It made her feel awful, and really scared.

Which. . . which I guess I know. Because for whatever reason, I guess we’re talking now? She always used to sit with the cool kids at lunch, but a few days ago, she came by my table while Offspring was off getting another jug of milk, and said thanks for helping her out back there, and being so cool about it.

Which was. . . huh. I don’t think a girl’s actually ever called me cool before. Which is stupid, right? Recluse says I’m cool as hell, which has to be true, because he’s cool as hell. So, I mean, I guess Shadow’s gotta be pretty cool, too, to recognize that.

And I mean, she is. We were in the library the other day, working on some stuff for that stupid video project I got pulled into (I guess you don’t know about that, New Journal), and she totally knew about DIR EN GREY when they came up super organically. How awesome is that?

Plus, she’s been helping me with the Twilight Darkness. After I really hurt that guy at the party a few weeks ago, I’ve been super freaked about letting it out all the way anymore. But I had to do it at the conference day to save Sha—to stop the golems, I mean, and since then, I’ve been doing what the counselor said, and practicing with it. And she helps me stay grounded; says she knows a little bit about inner darkness. That’s pretty sick.

Actually, yesterday night, when we were hanging out in the gym after class, she told me about some of the crazy stuff she used to get up to in the Yakuza. I mean, she was obviously really ashamed about it, and hated that her shadow made her do all that stuff. That’s pretty crazy, New Journal. I hope she’s gonna be okay. She smiled a little when she said goodnight, though. That was. . . I dunno man.

Anyway, I’ve really got to get back to this stupid history video. Apparently I’d basically flunk out of I didn’t finish it. And I really wanted to see Shadow again after dinner. Me and Offspring were gonna hang out in the chapel, but I mean, he can probably loom by himself, I think. He’s gotten really good at it.