Clubs and Cliques

The players have formed a number of clubs and cliques. Some are more sanctioned by the school than others. Feel free to add yourself to clubs you’re involved in.


The school newspaper. It was restarted by Apothecary, MC, and Aramat. Their debut issue features an interview with Jewel of Jewel and the Holograms fame. The word is that the activist, Storm King, is thinking about joining.

Culture Club:

A place for people that don’t have familiarity with Earth to have a chance to learn about Earth culture. Founded by Checkmate, kids watch movies, tv shows, and listen to music.

Team Glow Stick

A clique comprised of magically adept and showy students. They like to have fun and make the world more awesome. MC, White Witch, and Warlock are two of the most amped up members.

Goth Topic

A clique made of those students who don’t buy into the glitter of their shallow peers. They feel the darkness strongly. Currently, this is being repped by Twilight.

Cool Kids

There are many cool kids, but these are the ones that everyone knows are trying to be cool, and tend to be trend leaders. Among them are Casanova, Chump, Shadow, and Bluebird. Checkmate and Twilight (to his chagrin) can usually be found hanging out with them.


These kids tend to hit the gym and play a lot of sports, using their super powers to kick the game up to eleven. Some people you’ll see going for the limit are: Chump, Silver Eagle, NGM, and Morgana.

Tech Geeks

These kids understand that school is how you get ahead and live to learn new things. “They need their paddles to swim up the river of knowledge.” Hanging out at the labs you’ll fine Apothecary, Barricade, Dark Victory, Checkmate, Reena Sarin (AKA Catalyst), and Miss Kitty.

Demons & Delvers

Avid role-players, this small clique of outsiders like to find time to play Demons & Delvers, as well as other games. You can find Doc Otaku there, as well as Jargon, Leapfrog, and Twilight attends weekly.

Clubs and Cliques

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