House Rules

Obsidian Portal is not Optional

To allow the Game Masters to have access to PC information and to facilitate GM/player communication outside the game, game information will be stored in Obsidian Portal. To help the GMs, we invite everyone to sign-up enter their own characters.

Adventure Logs Gain Hero Points

If a player writes a report or journal of their game, they will earn a Hero Point.

Heroes Can Start with Two Hero Points

Players start each session with one Hero Point, and they can retain one hero point from a previous session.

Players Are Responsible For Their Character Sheets

Players will be given their character sheets on character creation. They will be responsible for keeping up with it and adjusting skills and characteristics are needed.

Power Points

Players receive one power point for successfully completing a session. For successfully completing the season, they’ll receive an additional two power points.

Players have One Hero

Players create one hero at the beginning of the season and that’s how many you have for the season.

Power Level

As a special rubber banding effect, players do not move forward on power level until they’ve spent a requisite number of power points. For PL 9, this means that you must spend 135 power points.

Educational Power Points

It’s assumed that your character is rapidly gaining experience and power due to education in scholastics and use of powers. However, to more directly reflect your education, you receive an additional power point (that doesn’t count toward PL) that can be spent on skills reflecting education (this requires GM approval).


Fundamentally, this game is about developing relationships and getting a date for the Winter Formal.

Relationship Status

There is no golden bullet easy way of knowing your status with an npc. There is Jargon’s Relationship Matrix, but, that’s an unreliable guess from an outside observer.


All students are explicitly bisexual, but they do have their individual preferences.

Forbidden Purchases

The following cannot be purchased at character creation for Season One:


  • Minion
  • Sidekick


  • Summon
  • Transform
  • Variable
  • Metamorph

Alternate Effects

Alternate Effects are only permissible if they are directly a new application of the same power. Broad sweets such as Magic cannot be alternated into very different forms. Instead, an individual spell or device is the power. As an example, a ramming spell could be either damage, or a knock back effect, but not telepathy.

House Rules

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